The Frasers fleet includes 50 Kenworth prime movers, manufactured to our stringent specification in the Kenworth Melbourne factory to meet the tough conditions and special demands of livestock transport in rural Australia. T658 and T659 Kenworth features Road Ranger gearbox Cummins 550 HP 1800ftLB torque engines, Signature Gen 2, ISX/EGR and ISXe5. kwbadge Frasers Truck
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With more than 150 trailers in single, double, B-Double, B-Triple, Types 1 and 2 roadtrain configuration, Frasers' fleet is highly adaptable with ability to accommodate any combination of cattle, sheep, goats or pigs. Developed with Byrne Trailers, one of Australia's foremost specialist manufacturers, the Fraser trailer utilises airbag suspension, specialist effluent management and a range of side and rear, and cross-loading options to meet the diverse requirements of on-farm, saleyard, port, abattoir and feedlot loading and delivery.

Big or small - Frasers have the vehicle/combination to meet every need and every occasion with our promotional model (right) contrasting with a B-Triple. 


BELOW: A range of side, rear and cross-loading options meets diverse requirements

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